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Come celebrate Negroni week with us at Dhom!

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We are offering $8 Classic Mezcal & Gin Negronis aswell as two Negroni inspired craft cocktails, only available Sep 18th- Sep 24th!

Signature Ultimate Negroni Cocktails:

Negroni After Dark

We take the concept of two classic cocktails; the Negroni and the Martini and merge them together to create something new but true to both. 

London Dry Gin, Campari & Violet Liqueur



Negroni Lumos

Your classic Mezcal Negroni with a refreshing, aromatic twist. All of what you love about a Negroni, with a little more to intrigue the palate.

Mezcal, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, St. Germain & Fresh lemon



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